Alien Eater is a small arcade game born from a two-hours game jam Federico did a while ago. It was the Themed Trainwreck Somedays #4: Trainwrecks from Spaaaace jam and the assigned theme: a classic arcade shooter with space ships and aliens or asteroids in it, which performed vertical shooter and top down or zero gravity. When the jam event ended, what he created was the first prototype for a strongly score based and fast paced flash arcade game.

The core mechanic is quite simple; you are an astronaut fighting aliens in Robotron-like arena. Aliens swarm in while your energy constantly drains. The only way to survive is to kill them all and eat their meat. Looks a bit gory? Actually, it isn’t, thanks to the pixel-art cartoon graphic style, which gives the game a humorous tone.

Alien Eater features seven different monsters, each one with its unique personality: some of them chase you, others run away, others try to eat the meat before you can reach it and so on.

The game is full of unlockable stuff: eight different game modes, the last one being a rage mode with all the seven kinds of aliens thrown together in the game; three different chiptune remixes of the main theme, composed by Lorenzo Pigozzo, and thirteen different player skins to further customize the experience.

You can listen to the original soundtrack on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.